So I started a blog…and here is some quick info on myself:

My name is Todd Bumgarner. I’m currently 28 years old and live in O’Fallon, Missouri which is a western (okay almost the most western) suburb of St. Louis.

My wife Meghan and I were married on May 31, 2002. We have two daughters who keep us lively and entertained, Iris (born in 2005) and Lydia (born in December of 2007).

I work as an electronics design engineer in a large aerospace company and Meg stays home with the two kiddos.

I went to school for electrical engineering and completed my B.S. in E.E. in 2002 at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. I then completed my M.S. in Electrical Engineering at Washington University in 2007. Currently, I’m working on a Masters in Theological Studies at Covenant Theological Seminary.

My interests include God, my wife, my kiddos, church planting, reading, theology, and technology.


6 Responses to “Bio”

  1. Todd,

    I saw you linked to me. Thanks! Hey, I am doing the ACCESS program through Covenant right now. Should be done in a year. Are you on campus?

  2. Zach,

    We met during the last residency (dark-haired, beared guy – worked with Parker on the NT410 project) – I live locally, but still do the Access thing out of convenience.

  3. Hey Todd,

    I too am a Covenant student. I’m noticing the links on your blog to the Journey – is that where you’re going to church?

    I’m enjoying your blog, and want to add it to my blogroll. Keep posting these good thoughts and reflections.

    Chris Gensheer

  4. Chris, I don’t attend the Journey but have visited. We’re currently involved in a church out in St. Peters called Mid Rivers Christian Church. I’m glad you’ve found some helpful stuff here. I’ve been reading your Intersection blog as well.

  5. Hey, Do you know Clay Johnson? If so, tell him hello.

  6. Sorry – I don’t believe I know him.

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