On Work and Vocation

Recently a man from our church asked me for some recommendations I could make regarding work, vocation, living missionally, and how that all goes together.  When I scanned my Evernote files, I found that over the last couple of years I had assembled many more books and articles on this topic than I knew.  Below is the list I sent him.

If you have struggled through the combination of work, vocation, and living missionally, perhaps one or more of these resources will be helpful for you as well.  I have read several of these and only skimmed others.  Chew well and spit out the bones.

  • Business for the Glory of God, Wayne Grudem
  • The Practice of the Presence of God, Brother Lawrence
  • “A Theology of Work”, Bob Thune
  • “How Should We Then Work”, Jonathan Dodson (A29 pastor in Austin, TX)
  • “Roles (Part 1)”, C.J. Mahaney
  • Redeeming the Time, Leland Ryken
  • Luther on Vocation, Gustaf Wingren
  • “Vocation Plans”, Alex Chediak
  • “Community and the Cubicle”, Jonathan Dodson
  • “Working Theologically”, Jonathan Dodson
  • “Working for the City”, Jonathan Dodson
  • “Working in the Image – and the Presence”, Dave Williamson
  • “Some Questions to Ask When Considering a Job”, John Piper
  • “Let it Flow Out: an Interview with N.T. Wright”
  • “Authority in Vocation”, Gene Veith
  • “God’s Will and Your Job”, R.C. Sproul (four part series)
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