Reverence for the Pains of Change

“Seduction, marginalization, diversion, and attack all serve a function.  They reduce the disequilibrium that would be generated were people to address the issues that are taken off the table.  They serve to maintain the familiar, restore order, and protect people from the pains of adaptive work.  It would be wonderful if adaptive work did not involve hard transitions, adjustments, and loss in people’s lives.  Because it does, it usually produces resistance.  Being aware of the likelihood of receiving opposition in some form is critical to managing it when it arrives. Leadership, then, requires not only reverence for the pains of change and recognition of the manifestations of danger, but also the skill to respond.”

-Heifetz and Linsky, Leadership on the Line. p 48.


~ by toddbumgarner on May 11, 2010 5:21 am.

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