Random Nerd 10.2.2009 – Twitter Stats


I am a stats guy.  I love them.  I eat them up.  Recently I came across a study done by some researchers out at Rutgers University on the usage of Twitter.  You can read the whole thing over at Mashable, but just to give you a taste, here are some summarizing graphs (because I also love graphs) and other stats.  The table below helps you interpret the graph:



  • Informers have a higher proportion of mentions of other users in their messages (that is they @reply to more Twitterers)
  • 25% of messages come from mobile phones
  • 51% of mobile-posted messages are “me now” messages, compared to the
  • 37% of “me now” messages posted from non-mobile applications

Do you use Twitter?  How do you use Twitter?  Why do you use Twitter?

(HT: Mashable)


~ by toddbumgarner on October 2, 2009 6:44 am.

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