The Prodigal God

prodigal god

I recently picked up and devoured Tim Keller’s little book titled The Prodigal God: Rediscovering the Heart of the Christian Faith.  What I found was one of the most concise, succinct, and engaging depictions of the gospel that I’ve ever encountered.

Working from the Parable of the Two Sons (which he uniquely twists into his title of the prodigal God), Keller unpacks the gospel while hitting you smack in the face with your own self-righteousness.  If you’re new to Christianity, if you’re stale in Christianity, or if you’re simply wrestling with trying to know God better, give this book a read.  Below is a quote from the book which I highly commend.

“Through this parable Jesus challenges what nearly everyone has ever thought about God, sin, and salvation. His story reveals the destructive self-centeredness of the younger brother, but is also condemns the elder brother’s moralistic life in the strongest terms.  Jesus is saying that both the irreligious and the religious are spiritually lost, both life-paths are dead ends, and that every thought the human race has had about how to connect to God has been wrong.”


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