Seminary Intensive Week


This week I’m at Covenant Theological Seminary for a summer intensive course titled “Spiritual and Ministry Formation” taught by Dr. Phil Douglass.  This was originally a course that I had somewhat poo-poo’d, but as I’m learning, it is probably one of the most important classes of my degree program focusing in so hard on what it means to be in union with Christ and drawing from historical examples of heroes of the past (Schaeffer, Edwards, Luther, Calvin, Spurgeon, Owen, Taylor, Bunyan, and Baxter among others) to illuminate the concept of sanctification.

Below is the reading list for the course:

  • Transforming Grace, Jerry Bridges
  • Children of the Living God, Sinclair Ferguson
  • The Call, Os Guinness
  • Christian Spirituality, Donald Alexander ed.
  • Several readings on the union with Christ including pieces from:
    • A. A. Hodge
    • John Murray
    • John Stott
    • Michael Horton
    • Mark Saucy

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