Social Media Saturation?


Is there a saturation point that can be reached with social media?  How do you make use of social media?  How do you use Facebook?  Do you use it personally?  Does your organization use it?  How do you use Twitter?  Do you use it personally?  Does your organization use it?  How is your use of Twitter different than your use of Facebook? Do you post more often on one with respect to the other?  Why?  Do your tweets feed to your Facebook status? Why?  How are these two different?  Are they?

Do you blog? Do you blog personally?  Does your organization have a blog? Do you post new content on your blog and feed it to Facebook and Twitter?  Do you drive Facebook and Twitter exclusively from your blog or do you add additional content on top of blog feeds?  If so, is there a saturation point?  Do you bother yourself with asking whether or not someone that follows your blog gets hit with your auto-fed Twitter updates and also has to scroll past them in their Facebook feeder?

If there was a way to filter out of Facebook and Twitter auto feeds from blogs you follow, would that be useful?  If there was a way to filter out of Facebook auto-fed Twitter updates of people you follow on Twitter, would that be useful?

In addition to Facebook, Twitter, and blogging, what other forms of social media do you use (Delicious, MySpace, Flickr, YouTube)?  How are they different than these three?  How do you use them differently than these three?

Where is the saturation point?  What sort of strategies exist? Do you have a social media strategy or to you just vomit information all over the web?

Comment away.  I’m eager for feedback.

For the record: I have no strategy and am guilty of spewing info onto all three of these mediums.  Currently I have a personal blog, an organizational blog, personal FB, and personal Twitter and they’ve all go varying linkages and feed one another.  I’m considering adding an organizational FB and Twitter, but need to get some sort of organized strategy down before the internet puke police arrest me.  This post originated in WordPress but will feed to Twitter via Twitterfeed and it also will feed to Facebook via Yahoo Pipes.  If you make it back here to comment, let me know where you started (blog reader, FB, or Twitter).


~ by toddbumgarner on July 21, 2009 6:20 pm.

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