Men: Lead at Home (7)

Lunch dates are a way for my wife, our kids and I to connect during the week.  My work schedule allows for me to be able to get out of the office for lunch so this is an easy way for us to be intentional about crafting family time into our day during the week.  We got real regular with these for a while and have let them slip the last couple of weeks (due to illness one week and busyness the next) but basically it is something that we put on the calendar as recurring and plan on meeting every week.


In the winter, we’ve been meeting at the Mills Mall as it has a great indoor playground that the kids love.  Meg usually packs lunch so we don’t blow $20 at the food court and then we just grab a table, hang out, eat, and then go play.  As it begins to warm up again, we’ll move it outside to one of the parks in St. Charles and make it a picnic lunch.

Intentionality is key.  If we (I) don’t put this on my calendar as recurring, I’ll let it slip.  Now that I do have it on my calendar for every Tuesday for the next year – it gets priority.  When I go to schedule other stuff, it’s already there.  Sometimes we cancel it, but that the exception not the norm.

To the men out there: How can you craft some family time in during your day?  Work can easily consume us if we’re not intentional about lifting our families up in priority over our career.  If you work late, it gets even worse – especially if you have little ones that go to bed early. Maybe lunches don’t work, but perhaps you can work late one night a week in order to take off early one night a week (or go in late one day a week opting for breakfast with the whole family, trading that with working late one night).  My challenge is for us as men to take the lead and find an intentional way to connect more frequently and purposefully with our families.


~ by toddbumgarner on March 26, 2009 11:41 am.

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