Men: Lead at Home (4)

As I mentioned in the last post, life gets real busy real fast for us.  One of the things that Meg and I have tried to commit ourselves to is setting Monday night aside for syncing up and studying together.  What this looks like is we put the girls to bed at eight, watch John and Kate Plus Eight from 8-8:30 (one of the only shows we watch regularly…the other is The Office on Thursdays – no TiVo going on in the Bumgarner house…just an old-school TV from 1992 that you have to hit occasionally to make work [seriously]).  After our TV fix, we then hang out on the  couch and talk about the week ahead and also do a bible study together.

In talking about the week ahead, we talk about meetings/appointments we have, ways to pray for each other and also other random stuff (like if we need babysitting one night that week, who is going to arrange it – me or her).  This provides a way for us to get on the same page for the week and reduces the chances of a surprise popping up that we haven’t planned for (granted, there are always surprises when you have two little kids in the mix).

For the bible study portion, we’re currently working through the book of Acts in conjunction with a sermon series at our church (our pastor is preaching through the book on Sunday mornings).  We have a study guide that we use (provided by the church) and we typically spend a half hour or so just stepping through the questions.  Meg and I have tried many different “bible study” techniques and methods together over the years (many which have not worked that well) and this one is working good.  The big thing that it has going for it is that we often just end up talking about the sermon from the previous Sunday.  This is nice because it isn’t “another thing” or “another study” we’re trying to cram in.  Rather, it’s more of an extension to what we’re already learning on Sunday mornings.

This doesn’t always work perfectly.  This past Monday, for example, after watching our half hour of TV, we simply hung out on the couch and talked about parenting and discipline for an hour and skipped the bible study.  The point is that the routine is in place for us to have dedicated time together on Monday nights to look out over our week and to connect through God’s Word.  Sometimes we get off on other topics, but the routine is in place.

To the men out there: when and how do you connect with your wife in planning/syncing?  When and how do you connect with her for studying God’s Word together: hammering through questions and growing together in the Word?  Set aside an hour for doing just this.  Don’t just bury your head in your bible by yourself at 5am in the morning when everyone else is sleeping.  Do that too, but in addition, join together with your wife and make sure she is growing in the Word as well.  It’s easy to become selfish and focus on your own growth and your own relationship with God (I did this for about two years), but God also calls us to lead our wives and families in his Word as well.


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