Men: Lead at Home (3)

Life gets busy real easy for me.  If I’m not careful or intentional, I can very easily allow myself to be absorbed into the world of “doing stuff” and completely neglect times of sabbath.  With regard to leading my family one of the things I have been striving to be more intentional with lately is a family sabbath.

By sabbath, I do not mean we sit around and do nothing.  I mean for this to be a sabbath from our normal stuff (specifically: my studying, church planting work, and the million other little things that distract the attention and focus that my family deserves and God commands of me).   The goal here is to provide a structure for intentional time where I step away from the stuff that ordinarily consumes me and concentrate genuinely on spending quality time with my wife and my two little girls.

Right now that looks like setting aside Friday evening through Saturday evening.  What that means is that nothing gets planned on Friday nights or Saturdays without both my wife’s and my approval.  For me, again, this means no studying, no preaching prep and no laptop usage on Saturdays (with the possible exception of early Saturday mornings when everyone is still sleeping and also reading during nap time – come on, I can’t give up reading for an entire day!).

This set-aside time begins when I get home from work on Fridays and ends Saturday evening thus allowing me to do some Sunday morning prep work on Saturday nights when necessary (though my goal is to have all of my prep work done in advance of Saturday night).  In addition to being intentional on the weekends to keep this time set apart, it also requires that I be extremely intentional throughout the week to get stuff done.

So what do we do on Saturdays?  In large part, I want Saturdays this spring to be used for home improvement projects that Meg and I enjoy doing together (we have a list…there’s always a list).   In addition there are just a lot of things we want to do on Saturdays like checking out the history museum, spending time in Forest Park, hitting up the Children’s Museum, local parks, and just random fun stuff.

Practically, I realize that this isn’t going to be fully possible every Saturday.  Stuff comes up.  People need help with things, meetings get scheduled occasionally on Saturdays, etc –  but again, I want it to be the norm rather than the exception.

To the men out there: when do you sabbath with your family?  Set aside some time, get your crap done during the rest of the week and protect a day for connecting with your family free from all of the other distractions of life.  Protect it and make it a priority.


~ by toddbumgarner on February 17, 2009 6:02 am.

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