Men: Lead at Home (2)

Over the course of the last three years or more, Meg and I have allowed date nights to slip away.  Reflecting back, it happened when we started having kids and the reality is that we simply did not make the adjustment well.  There’s always been an excuse (no babysitting, babysitting costs too much, the kids will cry until they puke if we leave them, etc).  In addition to being lazy with date nights, we’ve also never really been consistent with family nights either.

We’re at a point now where we’re both willing and ready to get things back on track so for starters, I’ve committed to holding Friday nights more sacred than we do.  For the family part, Friday nights will become our planned family night.  What that looks like practically will change from week to week, but sometimes it will mean going out to eat as a family, hitting the park, playing games, watching movies, etc.

For the date night part, I want Friday night to be “our night” together.  It’s not as cheesy as it seems.  Basically, Friday night will be our date nights in the house (with exceptions for when we go out on occasion).  So we’ll watch old movies, eat popcorn, hang out on the couch and talk.  For me, this means no studying, no preaching prep, no church planting work, and no laptop use on Friday nights.

In addition, I’m going to be taking the lead to line up babysitting for us one Friday or Saturday per month where we can be out of the house on a date night.  I know many people shoot for doing this once a week and I’d love to be there, but seriously, when you’ve got no consistency to begin with, it’s just not possible to shoot the moon out of the gate.  Added to that are the multiple other random nights that we’re out and require babysitting.  So once a month is the goal and when we get consistent there, we’ll try for twice a month.  Practically, again, I’m going to be taking the lead with lining up babysitting for these outings.

To the men out there: set up a consistent time reserved for a family night.  Protect it and make it a priority.  Also – date your wife and fight for keeping it up.  Find a way, ditch the excuses, line up the babysitter and get your butt out on the town with your lady.

~ by toddbumgarner on February 11, 2009 6:20 am.

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