Men: Lead at Home

This post will serve as the first of several in a series on calling men to lead at home.  This series spawns out of several personal convictions and my oft inability or lack of discipline in properly leading my family in the ways that I want to and also know that I should. To put it simply, in various areas over several years, I’ve flat out failed to lead my household effectively in some very specific ways.  With this series I plan to unpack some family goals that I have recently set including:

  1. Friday night family and/or date night.
  2. Family sabbath.
  3. Monday night – sync and study.
  4. Prayer.
  5. Standing lunch dates.
  6. Daddy breakfasts.
  7. Daddy dates.

The purpose of these is not to create a list of things that we have to be doing, but rather to sort of chart the course for where I want us to be as a family.  Goals are stupid and pointless if the motivation isn’t properly founded.  My motivation in all of this is to love and serve my wife and my girls well.  To love my wife like Christ loved the church and to protect my girls–bringing them up in the ways of the Lord and giving them a picture of biblical masculinity in me that they can use to judge and score other men in their life down the road.

I’d like the structures that I’ll be laying out to be the norm of our family with exceptions rather than the exception to the norm.  We’re not perfect and I don’t ever plan to be perfect, but that doesn’t excuse a lackadaisical attitude regarding the direction of our family.

Meg and I have discussed these at length and while I see it as my responsibility as the head of our house to stay on track with these, I’ve asked her to do is to call me out on my own goals when I start slacking.  In my next post I’ll begin unpacking these.


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