Spring Seminary Reading


Spring courses started up last week at seminary.  For those of you who are new to the blog, I attend seminary (part time) at Covenant Theological Seminary here in St. Louis.

This spring, I’m taking two courses.  The first is a systematic theology course entitled Spirit Church and Last Things by Dr. Robert Peterson.  I’ll admit I was simultaneously excited and overwhelmed when I received the book list for the course:

  • Systematic Theology, Berkhof
  • The Holy Spirit, Ferguson
  • The Church, Clowney
  • The Lord’s Supper, Letham
  • Why I Am Not an Arminian, Peterson & Williams
  • The Bible and the Future, Hoekema
  • Hell on Trial, Peterson
  • Two Views of Hell, Peterson & Fudge
  • Spirit, Church, and Last Things (Course Syllabus), Peterson
  • Westminster Confession of Faith (WCF): Selections

The second course I’m taking is called Christian Worship and is taught by Dr. Mark Dalbey.  Below is the reading list for this second class:

  • John Frame, Worship in Spirit and Truth.
  • D.A. Carson (ed.), Worship by the Book.
  • Lawrence Roff, Let Us Sing.
  • Reggie Kidd, With One Voice:  Discovering Christ’s Song in Our Worship.

Thanks to Covenant Worldwide, you can check out all of the lectures for these courses at the links below (for FREE!!!).  So grab a couple of the books above, download the lectures and get to work.

Links to the Lectures:

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