January Residency Starts Today

CTS-logoThis morning I’ll be heading down to Covenant Theological Seminary for a week long residency spanning this morning through Saturday noon while I take vacation time from my day job.  This is part of my pursuit of my M.A. in Theological Studies there at the seminary and is my second of three residencies that I need to complete as I wade my way towards graduation.

The course I’ll be taking this week is called Communicating the Gospel.   Here’s the course description:

Communicating the Gospel is designed to enable a student to read and rightly interpret varying genres of Scripture, to equip the student to craft a Christ-centered message from those genres, and then to communicate that message in a small group, Sunday school, devotional or special event setting.  Added to this, the student develops a beginning theology of communication with particular attention to current cultural realities.

We’ll also be unpacking a lot of the information I’ve been reading in prep for this week from the following three books:

I’m looking forward to a week of learning (packing a 3 credit hour, semester-long course into one week) as well as a week of connecting with folks I met at the last residency, hanging with a couple of guys from Omaha that joined the program this past fall, and meeting new friends.


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