Random Nerd 12.26.08 – Christmas Lights

OgarNow that Christmas has come and gone, I thought a Random Nerd post on Christmas lights might be appropriate as you begin to contemplate taking your lights down.

According to Brian Dipert’s post titled Oh Christmas Light, So Green And White (And Bright)… you can save yourself about $100 in electric bills next Christmas season by switching from a standard C7/C9 bulb setup to the newer LED bulbs now available on the market.

Here is the breakdown he provided:

Traditional C7/C9 Traditional Mini LED
Energy used* 810kW 68.85kW 13.608kW
Savings using LED 98.3% 80.2%
Energy cost** $97.20 $8.26 $1.63
Savings using LEDs 98.3% 80.2%
Wattage 19.2W

*Based on 600 lights, 6 hours per day, 45 days.
**Based on 12 cents per kilo watt hour (average in USA)

I’ve never really watched my electric bill closely to see if it spikes in December, but I’ll likely check it this year just out of curiosity. We roll with the traditional C9 bulbs. “Multi-colored old-school” is how I refer to them. I like the old-school look so it will be hard for me to change. Then again, I am a tight wad…


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