Merry Christmas B.C.

This past Saturday, the fam and I headed down to Old Town St. Charles (think: knick-knacky, crafty shops) to do some Christmas shopping for the grandmas.  That might not sound like the most exciting way for a dude to spend his Saturday morning which is why you should read on.  While standing in line at a register to pay for a gift that Iris had picked out for my mom, I happened to look over to my left to discover a back-room in this particular shop.

Taking a closer look, I was immediately drawn to what I was discovering – the largest assortment of hot sauces that my eyes have ever laid hold of:


Impressive.  After catching my breath, I realized: this is the perfect place to get a gift for my brother (whom we often refer to as B.C. hence the title of the post).  Now, you have to know my brother to realize the significance of this discovery.  My brother loves hot sauce.  He loves to find freaky hot sauces and weird spices and mix them in to the things he cooks.  In short, this place would be like Mecca to my brother.  So I began looking around:


After scanning the four walls of surrounding hot sauce craziness, I zeroed in on this section:


Believe it or not, #1 sold for $75 per bottle.  Yikes.  Scanning down a little lower, I landed on this shelf and specifically #48, Temporary Insanity by a company called Dave’s Gourmet (which contained a warning on the label instructing you to keep it away from animals and anyone with heart or respiratory issues – aka “this stuff may be #48 on the Top 60 list, but it’s still rockin’ hot):


Merry Christmas B.C. !!!

Don’t put this in anything I ever eat at your place.


~ by toddbumgarner on December 23, 2008 9:49 pm.

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