Victory Laps – What Are You Celebrating?

I don’t think we celebrate enough.  Does that sound weird?  I was thinking about this last night and I’ve concluded it’s true: we don’t celebrate enough.  What got me started on this thought line was none other than my three-year old, Iris.

Yesterday, because of some things that God is up to in our life, my family and I were at a church other than the one we’ve been going to and have been members of for about six and a half years.  Leading up to yesterday morning, I was a little nervous about the whole childcare thing, you see, Iris can be a bit shy (“slow to warm” is what I call it) and sometimes the drop off can be a little bit…not fun.  But she did great – no problems at all and we were really proud of her.

Last night we met for small group at some friends’ house and she again did great – hanging out downstairs with the babysitters and the other kids.  This wasn’t that big of deal – she likes these babysitters and she always does great on small group nights, but it was sort of like icing on the cake for a day that went so well.

The reflective point for me came when we got home.  Upon pulling into the garage, Meghan took our littlest one inside to put her to bed and I was getting ready to take the trash out (Monday is trash day) when I heard, “Daddy, can I help you take the trash out?”  To which I responded with an unenthusiastic “sure”.  But instead of helping me tug the trash can out to the curb, my wonderfully energetic three-year old instead took a victory lap – all the way around the cul-de-sac…in the dark.  She just took off: curly curls flapping in the breeze and blankie in tote.  And as I stood there watching her, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of celebration for her.  This might seem like regular old stuff, but she’s growing up and I’m proud of her and it got me thinking that we simply don’t celebrate enough.  Sure we celebrate the big things, right like Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years, but what about the little things in life?

For me I think I simply let life get too busy to slow down and realize all of the great things there are to celebrate.  So today I’m reflecting on some things in my life that are worthy of celebration:

  1. God is teaching me to be a better husband.  Meg and I get along great and have a wonderful relationship, but lately we’ve been missing an emotional connection.  We both notice it and God has blessed both of us jointly with desiring to improve that.  That’s cause for celebration.
  2. Lydia (our 11 month old) has recently began to notice her daddy.  She’s been a mommy’s girl for 11 months but this past weekend she finally started to show an interest (dare I say preference?) for daddy.  That’s huge for me and I look forward to God growing that bond between the two of us as he has with Iris and I.  That’s cause for celebration.
  3. God has been at work in my wife’s heart taking her from “Church planting? Are you crazy?” to “I’m in – let’s do it.”  That’s a major cause for celebration.
  4. God is at work in our life in some big, scary ways and we’re trying to respond.  That’s cause for celebration.  Praise God that he would take a pagan like me, draw him to himself, clean me up a little (not all the way, mind you), and desire to send me back out into his kingdom.
  5. God has surrounded me with a great group of manly dudes that love Jesus.  He’s put guys into my life that have helped me grow in ways I needed to at just the right time and that’s cause for celebration.

It’s so easy to focus on the crappy parts of life.  I do this too much and am just as guilty as the next guy.  Let me encourage you today to stop and give pause for the small things that God is up to in your life.  If you can’t think of any – think harder…harder…


~ by toddbumgarner on November 17, 2008 12:50 pm.

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