Church in Context

Last night and today, I’m at Covenant Theological Seminary taking a weekend course on Church in Context: Gospel in the City.  The topics we’re covering are really helpful and practical stuff in the exploration of some of the specifics of doing church in the city.  The list of topics are as follows:

  • Cities: A Background
  • Globalization and other Characteristics of Contemporary Cities
  • Building a Framework for Approaching Cities
  • Cities, Poverty, and Community Development
  • Collaborative Research in the City
  • Incarnational Mission in the City; Contextualization
  • Partnerships in the City

The course is being taught by Travis Vaughn from SCI (Standard of Cultural Integrity) and he has provided a nice long list of free resources which I hope to link in here soon.

One of the most challenging quotes he shared with us last night was by William Temple who is a former Archbishop of Canterbury:

“The church is the only organization organized primarily for the benefit of its non-members.”

If this is true, do we live like it?


~ by toddbumgarner on November 1, 2008 8:24 am.

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