Reflections from Bootcamp – Day 3

The Acts 29 Bootcamp / Lead Conference has now come and gone.  All that remains is our assessment today at 1:30pm.  I’m sure I’ll post on some reflections from the assessment process, but before I provide my Day 3 reflections, I just want to state how great this conference was.  I cannot overemphasize the openness, honesty, and authenticity of the guys that spoke from their hearts about real stuff that matters.  This was not a cheap, build-you-up conference.  It was a break-you-down and reveal the idols of your heart kind of conference – filled also with some great worship sets.  In addition, the folks at The Journey are to be highly commended (especially all of the volunteers which kept appearing in droves) for pulling off the admin and organization of a great conference.  Well done.

Day 3 kicked off with a session on “City Leaders” by Randy Nabors from New City Fellowship in Chattanooga, TN.  One of the questions he raised was, “If you (Christian) make no difference, has Jesus made a difference in you?”  Randy did a great job of providing some very practical ideas for transforming communities and the skills, attributes, and capacities needed to be a leader in the city.

Next up a Church Planting breakout session on “Church Planting Landmines” by Gary Rohrmayer who is the national director of Converge USA.  This, again, was a very practical session on some of the common pitfalls of church planting and how to go about avoiding those.  Gary drew heavily from the book of Acts and inspired me to covet a book that he co-wrote called, Church Planting Landmines. It’s been added to my unofficial “books I’m coveting” list and I look forward to digesting it in the future.

Lunch was accompanied by a talk from Scott Thomas of Acts 29.  Scott has a great sense of humor and talked candidly about the mission, vision, and values of Acts 29 as a church planting network.

Matt Carter from Austin Stone Community Church in Austin, TX kicked off the afternoon with quite possibly one of the best messages I’ve ever heard.  All through the conference, I sat feverishly taking notes but found myself simply closing my notebook and listening to Matt talk about “Broken Leaders.”  Really, really open and honest stuff from his personal experience.  When the audio comes out, you’ll want to check this one out for certain.  He also told a great story involving him, John Piper, and Chris Tomlin – hilarious if you can picture the three of these guys.

Following Matt was another Church Planting breakout session co-led by Bob Thune and Daniel Montgomery.  Bob spent the first half talking very practically about a launch team and leading out of the gospel.  Daniel then spent some time talking about church membership and church discipline – very good stuff from both guys.  To show the hearts of these guys, they tossed out a memory stick to those of us that were there containing a ton of resources on these topics.  They simply passed it around, invited people to grab everything on it and put it on their computers for their use and reference – big hearts focused on God’s kingdom rather than their own.  This session concluded with a good Q&A time as well.

Jonathan McIntosh (one of the pastors at The Journey) led the final session on the topic of “Missional Leaders” and did a great job of pulling things together and giving a good perspective to leave on.  The band from Sojourn Church then closed us out with a time of worship and communion.  Great stuff.

Aside from the conference and bootcamp sessions, I made some good connections today with Ethan Burmeister – lead planter of Core Community in Omaha; two dudes from San Jose (didn’t catch their names, but we talked Micro Machines for a while which was fun and reminiscent); Joe Thorn – lead pastor of Redeemer Fellowship Church in St. Charles, IL (whose personal blog and running blog I’ve been following for a while – we talked about running in the winter); and Barry from Kirksville who is also going through assessment today.

This morning I’m at home relaxing with Meg and the girls and prepping for our assessment this afternoon.


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