Driscoll on Stay-at-Home Moms

My wife and I have been watching and being encouraged by Pastor Mark Driscoll’s (Mars Hill Church in Seattle) sermon series on Song of Solomon.  Our current trend is to watch the sermon together on Thursday nights.  In the last one we watched (Part 2 of the series), Driscoll takes up the topic of stay-at-home moms in a Q&A session with his wife at the end of the sermon.

My wife and I were both raised by stay-at-home moms and made a decision early on in our marriage that we too desired to follow that model as we feel it is extremely important.  Pastor Mark’s comments will certainly not be popular in our culture today and that is why I respect this guy: he isn’t afraid to lay it out there.

Here’s to the stay-at-home moms out there busting their butts to raise good kids and to be deeply, deeply involved in their children’s life, hearts, and emotions (as well as joys, sorrows, heart-aches, knee scrapes, dirty diapers, good naps, bad naps, feeding schedules, growth rates, development, and ten bazillion other minute little things that go unrecognized) .  I love my wife and treasure what she does day in and day out and I count myself extremely blessed that she desires to stay at home with our girls and that we have been able to make that work.

Here’s the snippet from the Q&A session:


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