Living on Mission

I came across a blog post today that was, perhaps, one of the most helpful things I’ve read lately on living a missional life – a life on mission for Jesus.  At the root of the post was a challenge: do you build margin into your life in order to have opportunities to be missional?  That’s a tall challenge.  How do we organize the everyday aspects of our lives such that we can do the most for the Kingdom of God?  How do we go about our day – work, school, exercise, whatever – in a way that we are making ourselves available to others and intentionally reaching out to others?

This is a struggle for me.  I think it is a struggle for all of us.  Our culture tells us that it is all about us.  That’s why we have MySpace and iTunes and TiVo and OnDemand.  Everything is centered around the individual.  “What is most convenient for me?”  “How is this going to help me?”  “What am I going to get out of this?”  To quote the blog post, “We are a community that no longer communes.”

But what if we reordered our lives?  What if we checked “how is this going to help me” for “how can this help others”?

If you’ve made it this far, go read Timmy Brister‘s post for yourself: Missional Margin: Tuning Into the Mission (Part 2).


~ by toddbumgarner on September 26, 2008 12:57 pm.

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