Piper to Preach Through the Gospel of John

I’m highly excited about this.  I listened to 224 sermons that he preached through the Book of Romans and it changed my life forever.  I still remember listening to the 224th while in my garage painting some bookshelves for my office.

Here is the snippet from the Desiring God Blog:

God willing, this Fall I will begin a new extended series of sermons on the Gospel of John. When Jon Bloom, the Executive Director of Desiring God, heard this, he wrote me a note. He was both thrilled and curious:

I’m thrilled that you will be preaching through the Gospel of John! It is my favorite Gospel. Over the last two years, 2006-2007, I memorized it, and it was so rich. To have you preach through it will be a great joy! Hebrews has 303 verses: You preached 52 sermons. Romans has 433 verses: You preached 224 messages. John has 879 verses…

He left the sentence dangling. The curiosity is: How long will this series of messages on the Gospel of John last? Romans took eight years. John is twice as long…

Read the rest of the article.


~ by toddbumgarner on September 11, 2008 12:56 pm.

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