Fall Classes Firing Up: You Can Learn Too

Fall classes are firing back up again for me starting today. This fall I’m taking two classes from Covenant Seminary as I continue in pursuit of my degree there. Once again, thanks to Covenant Worldwide, all of the lectures for these classes (in audio and text-formats), along with all of the notes are available online for free. That means you can learn along with me (I will note that the notes appear to be slightly different than what they send me, but the lectures are all the same).

The first class I’m taking is ST200: God and His Word taught by Dr. Michael Williams. Here is the reading list for Dr. Williams class:

  • How to Read the Bible to Hear God Speak, Calvin Seerveld
  • Let the Reader Understand, McCartney and Clayton
  • Inerrancy, Norman Geisler, ed.
  • The Doctrine of God, Gerald Bray

The second class I’m taking is CH310: Ancient and Medieval Church History taught by Dr. David Calhoun. My very first seminary class was Reformation and Modern Church History which was also taught by Dr. Calhoun and I’m looking forward to getting the other half of the history this semester. The primary text for this class is:

  • The Story of Christianity, Vol. 1, Justo L. Gonzalez

I’ll be using Gonzalez’s combined edition of Volumes 1 and 2 (Volume 2 was used for Reformation and Modern Church History).

So there you have it – you know what will be consuming me for the rest of the year.  I encourage you to give the lectures a try for one of the classes above and get your learn on.  If neither of these courses trip your trigger, checkout the others that are listed by clicking on the “Covenant Worldwide” hyperlink above.  Enjoy.


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3 Responses to “Fall Classes Firing Up: You Can Learn Too”

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  2. Prof Calhoun claims to be an expert on the 2nd Great Awakening, but in his “timeline of the Church” he mentions many obscure historical figures and acknowledges the “restoration movement” of the Campbellites, yet he completely neglects even mentioning Joseph Smith and the restored Church – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    Why is that? He does himself a great disservice by not mentioning one of the key historical figures of that time. Regardless of whether or not he believe the Church needed to be restored (as did many Protestants of the day) or buy into the fact that God could actually call prophets in the “modern age”, that should not matter.

    Enough with the frightened bias. PLEASE Teach us the true historical facts without omitting one of the central players of the day.

    If the starved scholars he “teaches” want to learn about the entire 2nd Awakening, order a historical book by “Penguin Books” entitled “Joseph Smith – A Life”.


    • martinlutherfan (if that is your real name), with all due respect, the course you are referring to was a course on the history of the orthodox Christian Church. It was was not a course on Apologetics in which the religious cults of the world are addressed. Mormonism happens to be a cult. They do not believe in the Trinity and rather than teach that Jesus was God who became incarnate, they teach that Jesus was a man who became God. There are many other errors in the theology of Mormonism, which, in turn would be contrary to the teachings of Christianity. Whereas Campbell and Stone were not heretics, Joseph Smith was.

      PS: Looks like you pasted the same comment on two posts, so I’m copying my response from the other post here for completeness.

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