Shane J Wood Website

My good friend Shane recently created a new website ( that will, over time, be loaded with excellent resources.

From the front page:

Welcome to Shane J. Wood online.  This website is dedicated to distributing resources and providing a safe environment for people to seek answers to legitimate questions about Christianity.  My particular area of interest and training is in the book of Revelation and Eschatology.  You will see in the future a lot of essays, links, and various other resources dedicated to these areas, but I will also field questions revolving other major issues that are plaguing the church today.  I pray that this website becomes a source of strength for God’s church and an outlet for the honest non-Christian seeker.

The resource I’m most pumped about right now are his lectures on the book of Revelation.  Be sure to check these out.  Meghan and I attended this lecture series last summer when he presented it and it blew me away.  The man brings great light to this difficult book of the Bible which is highly needed by people like me.  You can find the lectures here.

A little bit more on my friend (including his Revelation credentials):

After graduating from Ozark Christian College in 2004 with a B.B.L. and B.Th. (New Testament), he pursued his M.Div. and M.A. in New Testament Studies from Lincoln Christian Seminary, which he received with the completion of his thesis on the Exegesis of Revelation 20.

Recently, Shane and his family have moved back to Joplin, MO to work with Mark Moore as the Associate Director of the Institute for Christian Resources.

In September 2009, Shane will begin his Ph.D. program through the University of Wales in the area of the Politics of John in the book of Revelation.

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