Iris and the Cardinals

This past Wednesday, Iris (my three year old) and I headed down to the Cardinals game downtown.  Iris is getting quite the reputation as lady luck at these games.  Last time, we only stayed for two innings and the Cards scored 7 runs including an inside the park home run.

This time, we made it four innings and were witnesses of Pujols JACKING a grand-slam, and Ludwick CRUSHING a homer himself right after that.  You can read the official recap of the game here.  The Cards pulled it off beating the Dodgers 9-6.

Other memories from the night:

  • Iris holding my hand on the train ride down (for like 20 minutes…it was nice).
  • Me eating a plain hot dog, while Iris gleefully enjoyed the bun.
  • Sharing popcorn.
  • Continually dropping and retrieving “dalmatian puppy dog” underneath the seats in front of us.
  • Getting all the way out of the stadium only to realize that we had forgotten “dalmatian puppy dog” in our nose-bleed seats.  Being the nice daddy that I am, we went back up for him.
  • Iris entertaining herself on the train ride home via her reflection in the window.

~ by toddbumgarner on August 8, 2008 8:40 pm.

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