Some Things I’m Loving About…Lydia

Lydia turns 8 months old this Thursday and I can’t even believe how fast these months have gone by.  Here are some things I’m loving about my little Louis right now:

  1. She’s just starting to figure out how to wave so she sort of gets the whole arm moving which is cute.
  2. She loves to torment Iris – including chewing on Iris’ beloved blankie.
  3. She pulls up on everything.  And if there happens to be music on, sometimes she’ll do a little butt-bouncing dance.
  4. She likes to wrassle with me.
  5. She loves to make-out with her baby doll which is quite hilarious to observe.
  6. She’s got a wide range of facial expressions which always seem to fit the moment just right.
  7. She loves shoes.  Any shoes: clean shoes, dirty shoes, new shoes, smelly shoes, Iris’ shoes, Meghan’s shoes, our friends’ shoes – any shoes….and she loves to chew on them.

~ by toddbumgarner on August 5, 2008 10:08 pm.

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