Some Things I’m Loving About…Iris

This week I’m going to write a short series on things I love about my family.  First up is Iris.

Iris is my three-year old and right now there is nothing better than being three.  Here are some things I’m loving about her right now:

  1. She likes to go to baseball games with me (we’ll be heading down to see the Cards play the Dodgers this Wednesday evening).
  2. She comes outside and blows kisses and waves good-bye to me every morning when I leave for work.
  3. She never misses the trash man on Monday mornings.  We always watch him out the window or from the garage as he speeds around the cul-de-sac emptying everyone’s trash into his garbage truck.
  4. She has her own sense of style – which recently consisted of walking around outside in a T-shirt, undies, high-heels, a fireman’s hat, and a scarf.
  5. She now tells me when she needs to go potty, instead of me having to ask her.
  6. She loves to read from her Bible story book every night before bed.
  7. She recites the benediction from Numbers 6:24-26 with me every night when we tuck her in (right after we pray for cookies, cake, hot dogs, and chicken).

~ by toddbumgarner on August 4, 2008 10:28 pm.

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