Usage of E-books is on the Rise

Publishers Weekly has an article reporting on an ebrary survey conducted by almost 6500 students at about 400 institutions across the world. The report concludes:

Books, print or electronic, are holding their own as a
preferred resource. E-books were in second place as a
resource used for research/class assignments with 78% of
the students selecting them. Print books followed closely
at 77% (2478/3208). It is noteworthy that e-books are just
behind Google as an important format for students. It is a
hint of evidence suggesting that the format may endure in
the context of the Internet. In ebrary’s 2007 Global Faculty
E-book Survey, e-books were the sixth element (53%) in the
list of the electronic resources that faculty indicated they used
for research and course preparation. Seventy-nine percent
(658/829) of the faculty reported that print books were
preferable for reading the entire work.

The report provides a lot of good data regarding what types of resources people are using for research and what types they consider reliable as well as a host of other data. Read the entire report here and Publisher Weekly’s summary article here.


~ by toddbumgarner on July 30, 2008 9:04 pm.

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