The Costs of Procrastination

From AAIM seminar on Getting Things Done):

  • Poor Quality of Work
    • Procrastination on important tasks means that you have less time in which to complete them, which invariably leads to a rushed, poor quality of work.
  • Time Pressure
    • Leaving things until the last minute results in anxiety and time pressure as you go all out to complete tasks before the deadline.
  • Failure to Achieve Important Goals
    • This can be one of the most depressing and frustrating aspects of procrastination. Procrastinators may have goals and aspirations like everyone else, yet never get around to pursuing or realizing them.
  • Missed Opportunities
    • Procrastination causes you to miss wonderful opportunities that you never even consider or explore. This can lead to guilt and regret as you realize what you are missing.
  • Waste of the Present
    • Wasting the present is probably the biggest cost of procrastination. Consistent procrastination leads to an unfulfilled life lacking in accomplishments and enjoyment.

~ by toddbumgarner on July 17, 2008 12:40 pm.

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