Tough Questions from Tim Keller

I love tough questions.  I recently listened to a challenging message by Tim Keller from the 2008 New York City Dwell Conference and in it, he posed some tough questions to ask ourselves regarding “watching your life.” You can listen to the message, entitled Dwelling in the Gospel here or check out all of the audio from the conference here.

The message was largely geared towards pastors so if you need to make it more applicable, change “those I serve” to “those closest to me.”  I think that works.

Here are the questions, they start at about 30 minutes into the message.

  1. Do I specifically and consistently confess my sin?
  2. Do I specifically and consistently confess specific instances of sin?
  3. Do those I serve with know my present areas of temptation and patterns of sin?
  4. Is there any secret sin that no one else knows about?
  5. Am I easy to correct?
  6. Am I honestly informing those I serve about my temptations and sins or am I presenting those people with a very carefully edited flattering version of myself.

~ by toddbumgarner on July 3, 2008 5:56 am.

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