Dodson on Rolling Stone on McCain on Osteen

This one caught my eye on the Google Reader this morning. From Jonathan Dodson’s Creation Project blog:

I used the following quote from an article on McCain in the recent issue of Rolling Stone is my recent sermon Lord of the Story. Rolling Stone editor, Mark Taibbi rips into Joel Osteen while preserving the notion that there are more palatable forms of Christianity. In other words, he doesn’t throw out the Christian baby with the dirty health and wealth water.

Of all the vile, fake, lying-ass, money-grubbing, shyster scumbags on the face of this planet, there is perhaps none more loathsome than Osteen, a human haircut with plastic baseball-size teeth who has made a fortune selling the appalling only-in-America idea that terrestrial greed is actually a form of Christian devotion.

This quote was sparked by McCain listing Osteen as his most inspirational author, pretty sad. If Osteen is what inspires McCain, I’ve got some serious reservations about his presidential groundedness.

~ by toddbumgarner on June 30, 2008 12:21 pm.

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