Old Testament History – Part 18

This post goes in the category of “way past due.” This past January through May I was teaching a Wednesday night course on the Old Testament Historical Books. It was an 18-part series and I was posting all of the notes and resources as we went along. For several reasons I never got the 18th part posted so at long last…

In the concluding week we talked about Missio Dei (the mission of God) and went back to Genesis and through some of the Pentateuch, recapped the OT Historical Books briefly touching on how Israel fit in to the larger plan of God. We concluded by talking about Creation –> Fall –> Redemption –> Consummation and a look at what it truly means to live a Cross-centered life.

You can download the handout here:

The bulk of the end of the class spewed straight out of the notes from my journal (didn’t quite get time to get it all typed up that week). Here is a scan of my notebook which got more-or-less translated to the white board in class. You can click on the image for a downloadable (clearer, more readable) PDF.

Thanks to all that were part of the class and sorry for the delay on getting this last part posted.

*See other resources regarding OT History here.


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