5.29.08 – Boundary Water Sabbatical

The following is from my journal dated 5.29.08 related to my trip to the Boundary Waters)

5.29.08 (Thursday)

After breakfast I spent the morning lolling on a rock near our camp site fishing and reading (Pierced for Our Transgressions). Blake fished with me and I helped him to get his rod fixed up and baited. Neither of us caught anything but he did have a pike strike at his bobber.

After lunch, Matt, Blake and I loaded the canoes and went over to fish Curtain Falls one last time. I caught a nice walleye almost as soon as we got there. Matt then caught a monster-sized pike — about 26″ long. Blake also caught a nice pike — about 20″ long.

Since we had no intention of keeping the pike and we only had one walleye, I ended up letting him go free too. No fish for dinner tonight. While we were over there, I took the opportunity to catch a few more pictures of the falls. I cannot express the amazing rush of fishing right at the bottom – getting splashed by the 45 degree water and feeling the roar of the rapids.

After dinner we played one last game of Catan; me, Matt, Ken, and Blake. Matt won which put the week at 4-3 and made Matt the Catan champion of the Boundary Waters.

I felt dizzy tonight. Not sure what that was all about but when I close my eyes, the whole tent is spinning. I’m not sure if it is motion sickness or what, but I’m hitting the hay early (about 8:30pm).

It’s our last night here. We’ll pack up in the morning and paddle over to Bottle Portage to get picked up by our fast tow guide at 1pm. It looks like it is going to rain tonight.


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