5.28.08 – Boundary Water Sabbatical

(The following is from my journal dated 5.28.08 related to my trip to the Boundary Waters)

5.28.08 (Wednesday)

A slow day. No fishing for me. I was cold last night. Even colder than the previous, I think. They said it was supposed to be in the lower 30s and it felt every bit of it. I slept with thermal underwear (tops and bottoms), pants, a long sleeve shirt, a fleece pullover, and a stocking cap.

We woke around 8AM, had breakfast, and played some cards. We were entertained this morning by a dancing loon. Ken and Matt then went out fishing. I spent an hour or two reading on a big rock down by the water. I finished reading through Hebrews (had started the other day – finishing today with

chapters 4-13) and then spent some time in Pierced for Our Transgressions.

After lunch, we loaded the canoes and paddled north for about an hour up to Rebecka Falls. Two sets of falls/rapids on either side of an island. We had to be pretty sporty to avoid the strong currents and land right on the island (it didn’t appear that you would survive should you miss). I’ve never seen water move so fast. I’m sure the pictures I took won’t do it justice. We estimated that the water must have been moving at least 30mph through there.

It truly was an amazing experience. Curtain Falls and Rebecca Falls alone were worth the trip up here.

When we got back to camp we hung out for a while. I finished whittling Iris’ “magic wand” and engraved her name on it.

Around 5pm, three of the others showed up: Clayton and Suzanne and their 12 year old son, Blake. They’re staying here tonight and will take their food pack back to the rest tomorrow. Ray and Lovita were sure happy to see

them. I think Blake will be going back out with us (on the fast tow). He had a run-in with a hatchet and has

a pretty nasty cut across his knuckles (not very conducive to paddling for 8 hours).

The bald eagle was back tonight – same spot: perched on the highest tree on the opposite side of the lake. We also saw a beaver swim by.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Meg and the girls today and miss them a lot. Can’t wait to hear Iris’ little voice and see Lydia’s eye-squinting smile.

I’m reading Joel Rainey’s Planting Churches in the Real World tonight. I’m pretty tired though so I don’t expect to make it very far.

Catan: Matt 3; Todd 3.


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