Apologetics and Outreach


I finished up my seminary course on the Life and Teachings of Jesus just before I left for my vacation in the boundary waters. Now that I am back, I’ve started my next course which is entitled Apologetics and Outreach and is taught by Jerram Barrs. Thanks to Covenant Worldwide, all of the lectures for this class (in audio and text-formats), along with all of the notes are available online for free here.

A motivating quote from Professor Barrs at the end of the first lecture:

Throughout seminary you are going to be taught things that are going to change your life. We are not here just to read some books and pass some academic assignments so you can go out and fill a job somewhere. You are here at seminary so that your lives can be changed — so that you can be changed — and so that you become people who long to reach out to people with the Gospel because you are being transformed by the love of Christ yourself.

The following is the reading list for the class. I hope to share quotes and thoughts with respect to these as I progress through the course over the next couple of months:

  • Appignanesi, Richard. Introducing Postmodernism
  • Green, Michael. Evangelism in the Early Church
  • Keyes, Dick. Chameleon Christianity
  • Barrs, Jerram. The Heart of Evangelism
  • Strohmer, Charles. The Gospel and the New Spirituality

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