5.27.08 – Boundary Waters Sabbatical

(The following is from my journal dated 5.27.08 related to my trip to the Boundary Waters)

5.27.08 (Tuesday)

A slower day today. Matt and I chopped some firewood with the hatchet prior to breakfast. After breakfast we went back over to fish Curtain Falls (about a mile away from our camp). It’s fun to go over there as we have to navigate our canoes through some somewhat fast currents to get to the landing at the portage.

Matt was the hot one today. He caught three walleye in about five casts when we first got over there. Ken also caught a walleye as well as a real nice small mouth bass. Ray and I got skunked. Needless to say we had fish for dinner tonight.

We went back to our camp for lunch and had about an hour of just lounging and rest afterwards which I spent reading in the tent. Later, we went out fishing some more and also to keep an eye out for the other group whom we did not see. I caught an 18″ northern pike but became a wimp when it came time to get him off the line. In my defense, Matt had me freaked out. When I got him reeled in near the canoe and we saw it was a northern, Matt started saying “be careful they have sharp teeth – be real careful – he’ll turn and strike at you – be careful – get him in the boat and step on him – but be careful because he’s got sharp teeth and will try to bite you.”

While I was in the process of being freaked out and methodically coming up with my logical plan of action, the little dude worked his way off my hook and got away. Problem solved. I was going to set him free anyway since Ken had told me that they aren’t that good of eating due to all of their bones. Oh well, it was exciting.

We saw three beavers while we were out this afternoon and evening. One swam up on the shore right in front of our canoe, and then proceeded to lay down and yawn at us.

After dinner, Ken led us in a Bible study on God’s grace from Ephesians 1-2. The lake was like glass – serious glass and I snapped this picture in which the far bank was perfectly reflected on the water. Not bad for a $4 disposable camera, heh?

The loons are singing tonight. They sound beautiful (try out the link and hit play on “Loons Calling” on the Wikipedia page).

It’s late now. Matt is snoring. I just finished Young, Restless, and Reformed and have started in on Pierced for Our Transgressions. This will be a slower read but I’m looking forward to it.

I miss Meg and the girls and can’t wait to see them when I get back. I’m trying to whittle a magic wand and a ring for Iris (adult note: the magic wand will strongly resemble a stick and the ring is really just a hollowed out knot from a branch I found – but it is still requiring some fine-tuning with my novice whittling skills).

I’ve been praying for love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control for Meg. I can’t wait to get back and read her blog to get caught up on her week.


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