5.26.08 – Boundary Water Sabbatical

(The following is from my journal dated 5.26.08 related to my trip to the Boundary Waters)

5.26.08 (Monday)

I got some good quiet time today. It rained most of the night and this morning. Our tent got a little wet but not too bad. We stayed in camp all morning – improving our cooking area (see picture below) and talking. We also played some cards – they taught me how to play Hand and Foot.

After lunch (biscuits and gravy…very tasty), Matt and Ray took one of the canoes and went to go see if they could locate the other group (Ray’s daughter, her husband and their kids as well as another couple and their kids) who were to be canoing in.

I fished near camp for 1-2 hours, then retreated up on top a rock about 100 feet or so above lake-level to journal and read. The picture below is the view from my perched position. I finished Driscoll’s Vintage Jesus at the hotel the other night and started Young, Restless, and Reformed: A Journalist’s Journey with the New Calvinists last night. I worked on it this afternoon and hope to finish it up tonight.

The rain has chased the bugs away which is nice.

Ken and I went out to fish and see if we could find Matt and Ray in the evening. We found them, but they had not found the other group. We’re not sure where they are and we have one of their food packs…

Matt shot and killed a ptarmigan today with his slingshot. He claims he didn’t mean to, but he took about 50 shots at the thing before he actually hit it! Being the good stewards of God’s creation that we are, Ken cleaned it, Kathy cooked it, and we all ate it along with spaghetti for dinner.

We didn’t really fish seriously today and we didn’t catch anything.

Ken led us in a Bible study of Psalm 37:1-7 and Romans 8 tonight (did I mention that Ken is a preacher?) after dinner: the magnificence of God in his providence. As we talked, a bald eagle sat perched atop the highest northern pine on the opposite side of the lake keeping watch over us.

Catan: Matt 2; Todd 1.


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