5.25.08 – Boundary Water Sabbatical

(The following is from my journal dated 5.25.08 related to my trip to the Boundary Waters)

5.25.08 (Sunday)

We’re in. We left at 7am from Crane Lake on a jet boat for a 2 hour “fast tow”. The “fast tow” included two boat portages which were quite interesting. They actually had little train tracks and a boat cradle that our driver parked on and then the entire boat–complete with our canoes strapped to the top–was portaged to avoid some rapids/falls areas.

Following our 2 hour fast tow, we had a 1/4 mile portage (“Bottle Portage”) of our own which took about 3 trips back and forth carrying all of our gear and canoes and then about an hour and a half of paddling over to Three Island on Iron Lake.

On the way in we say a mama moose nursing her calf and we’ve also seen several white-tailed deer.

After making camp, we headed over to Curtain Falls which was absolutely amazing.

We fished below the falls for a while and I caught two nice sized walleye.

It’s raining now. I guess it’s around 11pm. Matt and I are sharing a small tent and it is leaking a little, but not too bad.

The no-see-ums are awful. Not too many mosquitos, but some ticks.

Once we were at our camp site, I had to check out the “facilities.”

We also had to hang our food in the trees to prevent any unwanted black bears from coming in and stealing all of our sweets.

Matt and I kicked off what we hope to be a nightly tradition this week with a friendly game of 2-man Catan.

Catan: Matt 1; Todd 0.


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