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So I was on vacation last week.  I went camping with a friend and some of his family to the Boundary Waters up in northern Minnesota (my wife was quite gracious in my week-long absence).  While Meg blogged her way through the week in order to keep me filled in on what I missed at home, I relaxed to a week void of any real responsibilities.

It was extremely refreshing.

Now that I’m back, I have some blogging to get caught up on.  Looking through my past blogs, I realize that I’ve started a few blog series that I have not yet finished and so I’ll be working to wrap up the following in the next week or two:

  • Active Listening (I think I have one more post to finish up in this series).
  • Reason for God (for some reason I quit blogging through this book when I finished the book itself – I plan to finish out the blogs on this book that I found so helpful).
  • OT History (I wrapped up the Wednesday night class just before I left town, but never got the last set of notes posted – I also plan to generate a summary post will all of my OT History resources in one convenient post).
  • Getting Things Done (I have one more post in this series)

If you were following any of these series and was disappointed that I pooped out on them, I hope to redeem myself with you in the next couple of weeks.

However, in order to get myself back into the blogging mood, I’ll be journal-blogging my week-long experience from the Boundary Waters.  I did take my journal along with me and recorded my thoughts and experiences each day and plan to share those (along with pictures of course) here so you can all vacation vicariously through my blog.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed experiencing it!


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