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Recently I’ve decided to add a little more structure to how I go about my life.  I’m calling it “Life Admin.”  Basically, I’m making it my goal to sit down for an hour or so on the first Monday of the month blocking out some time to reflect on the previous month as well as look forward and pray about the upcoming month.  In doing so, I’m planning to reflect on the different areas of my life: God, Family, Ministry/Seminary/Church Planting, Self, Relationships, and Work.  I’ll elaborate more on those categories in a moment, but the intent here is to reflect back over the previous month with respect to how I’ve been doing in each of these areas – repenting and seeking for forgiveness in the areas I’ve neglected and praying forward for each area as the new month comes upon me.

At the end of each Life Admin session, I also plan to sketch out a few goals for the upcoming month.  A goal might be something as simple as: take my oldest daughter to a baseball game.  The point is to get it down and in front of me in my journal so I can come back to it.

The following expands each of the categories I plan to focus on:


Here I want to ask: How are things between me and God?  How is my relationship with Jesus?  How am I doing with trusting him?  How am I doing with surrendering to his will for my life and my family?  How am I doing with repenting of sin and seeking his forgiveness?  Have I been spending adequate time in prayer and in his Word?  What’s been working?  What isn’t?  How can I improve my relationship with Jesus?  In what ways can I better worship him throughout my day?


There are two aspects to this one: individual focus and collective focus.  For my wife, I want to ask:  What has stood out to me recently about her?  How is she doing?  What are here greatest fears/anxieties right now?  What is she most excited about or interested in?  How can I encourage her?  How should I be praying for her?  How am I doing with respect to praying together with her?  How is our relationship doing?  When was our last date?  Have I spent adequate time focusing on her?  What are some ways I can focus on her in the coming month?  What are some specific ways I can show her my love?  What areas of myself do I need to work on with respect to her?  How can I best serve her?

For the girls, I’ll ask many of the same questions – specifically, have I been spending adequate one-on-one time with them?  What is something that I have done individually with each of them?  What are their fears/anxieties?  What are they most interested in and excited about?  How should I be praying for each of them?

Collectively, I want to ask myself: how am I doing as the spiritual head of my family?  Have I been making a regular effort for family prayer and reading God’s Word together?  What are some things we want to do as a family and what am I doing to make those happen?  Am I taking good care of my household?  Have I placed disproportionate time in other areas at the neglect of my family?

Ministry/Seminary/Church Planting

Have I been carving out time to serve?  How is seminary going?  Am I maximizing my learning experience with God’s Word, or am I going through the motions?  Have I been spending adequate time in preparation for teaching assignments?  What is going well?  What do I need to work on?  What do I need help with?  Have I over-committed myself?  Have I given all that I can?


How am I doing?  How am I really doing?  Emotionally?  Physically?  Mentally?  Am I taking good care of myself?  Am I working out?  Why not?  Have I been having enough alone time?  How can I secure some “me time” in the coming month?  What is something that I will read in the next month for me (i.e. not for seminary, not for work, not for church classes, etc)?


Have I been spending time with my brothers/sisters in Christ?  Have I been intentional about spending time with friends outside of church (or am I stuck in my Christian huddle)?  How am I doing with respect to connecting with my neighbors and co-workers?  What are some things that are going good?  Bad?  When was the last time I had a men’s night out?


How is work going?  How have my stress levels been?  How has my attitude about work been while at work?  While at home?  Have I been working too many hours?  Not enough hours?  Have I been giving my employer my best?

The above is by no means an exhaustive listing of questions, but rather just a spewage of some of the things I want to ask myself and focus on as I reflect back and look forward.  I’m sure these areas will change and the questions too – the goal, however, is to get my mind in the habit of thinking in detail regarding how I’m living my life and how I’m managing my priorities.  It is so easy to just coast and not be intentional about people and things that are really important to us.  This is part of my attempt to not let myself coast.

~ by toddbumgarner on May 5, 2008 9:30 pm.

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