Table, Pulpit, and Square

A few of the blogs I read and enjoy regularly have recently all started talking about a similar topic – namely, what the local church is supposed to look like. The thoughts these guys are tossing around has consumed me as of late. It seems beautifully simple, yet all-encompassingly complex.

Joe Thorn started it with his post, The Full Paradigm. In it he lays out this concept of the “Table, Pulpit, and Square.” Next, Steve McCoy (aka the Reformissionary) offered up some tweaks with his post, The Church I Pastor: The Missional Triad. Most recently, Kevin Larson chimed in with his own tweaks in a post titled, The Pulpit, The Table, and The Square. I’d encourage you to read these three posts – in that order to catch the gist of it all.

Below are each of these guy’s sketches (in respective order) or how this all takes shape. Again, the posts themselves provide additional detail, but the diagrams are certainly helpful.

McCoy has just finished preaching through a 3-part series regarding his incarnation of the table, pulpit, and square. You can listen to his messages here (see sermons from 4/13/08, 4/20/08, and 4/27/08). McCoy also takes the award for worst image quality (sorry, dude).

Larson is just beginning to preach through this and his messages will begin to become available here.

If you are aware of other incarnations of this philosophy of ministry, I’d love to hear about them through the comments. Joe, Steve, and Kevin – thanks for sharing these. All three have been of extreme benefit to me.


~ by toddbumgarner on April 30, 2008 5:29 am.

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