OT History – Part 15

Tonight in the Old Testament Historical Books class, we’ll begin our look at the book of 1 Kings and looking primarily at the life of Solomon. In doing so, we’ll be covering 1 Kings 1-12. I will be providing multiple resources tonight: notes, 1 Kings synthetic outline, 2 Kings synthetic outline, and an OT History Timeline.

We’ll primarily focus on the notes tonight; the other resources will be for the class to use in preparation for next week as we’ll be covering 1 Kings 12 through the end of 2 Kings next week (at a high level).

The following are the prep questions for tonight:

  1. Read 1 Kings 1-11
  2. Note especially David’s charge to Solomon in 2:1-9.
  3. Note God’s two appearances to Solomon. When did these appearances occur?
  4. Chapter 8 contains Solomon’s great prayer. What stands out to you in this prayer?
  5. In chapter 11, Solomon falls away from the Lord. Are we to see this as abrupt, or are there subtle signs throughout the previous chapters that point to a more gradual decline?

*See other resources regarding OT History here.

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