My Little Environmentalist

My two (almost three) year old is an environmentalist. She truly cares about keeping the world clean.

Last year around this time we went out to Boston to visit some friends. My wife and I still joke about Iris shouting “OOPSIE!” in the car rental parking lot after the guy in front of us missed the trash can when cleaning out some stuff from his car in the parking lot.

Iris had another shining moment after church yesterday. We were in the drive-through line at Jack In the Box and she happened to notice a stray drink cup in the parking lot. That sparked the discussion: we don’t leave our trash just laying around. Someone was going to have to pick that up. To which my delightful little pal replied: “maybe us.”

So we did. We picked it up, and (after having a a conversation about how we don’t drink out of any cups that aren’t ours) took it to the nearest trash can.

This little incident got me thinking. My two year old can get it right, but we adults don’t seem to. I could start with the guy who left the cup there to begin with. I could talk about everyone else who drove right by it without even giving it a second thought. Or I could focus on myself – I surely wouldn’t have stopped and picked it up if it wasn’t for my 3 foot tall side-kick contributing to my conscience.

What a task to keep the environmentally-wise mind of my daughter intact. And how easily she could be lulled into my own laziness and apathy.


~ by toddbumgarner on April 28, 2008 5:47 am.

One Response to “My Little Environmentalist”

  1. I think it is great that your daughter is recognizes that need to protect the environment. If the No Child Left Inside law passes you might actually get help for the government in keeping her interested in it by learning more in school about the environment.

    http://green4u.wordpress. com

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