Big Problem: Big Solution

knowing-jesusThe New Testament affirms that the Gospel of the cross and resurrection of Christ is God’s complete answer to the totality of evil and all its effects within his creation.  But it is the Old Testament which shows us the nature and extent of sin and evil – primarily in the narratives of Genesis 4-11, but thereafter also in the history of Israel and the nations, such as the oppression of the first chapters of Exodus.  It shows us that while evil has its origins outside the human race, human beings are morally accountable to God for our own sin.  It shows us that sin and evil have a corporate as well as an individual dimension, that is, they affect and shape the patterns of social life within which we live, as well as the personal lives we lead.  It show us that sin and evil affect history itself through inescapable cause and effect and a kind of cumulative process through the generations of humanity.  It shows us that there is no area of life on earth in which we are free from the influence of our sin and the sin of others.  In short, the Old Testament portrays to us a very big problem to which there needs to be a very big answer, if there is one at all.

–Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament, Christopher, J.H. Wright, p30.


~ by toddbumgarner on April 28, 2008 5:44 am.

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