Oprah’s Jesus

Grant Swank of the Canadian Free Press writes that:

Oprah Winfrey has solidified her spirit of antiChrist by disclaiming the unique incarnation of God in Christ by blurring Christ as “energy”.

Read his article, Oprah’s Jesus = ‘Energy’ for a look at how dangerous her views really are.


~ by toddbumgarner on April 24, 2008 12:20 pm.

2 Responses to “Oprah’s Jesus”

  1. THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!! I had heard about Oprah’s new “religion” but had yet to research it.

    It is very shocking but, as the article concludes… nothing new either.

    May God open the eyes of the people all over the world that they may not fall into this deception…

    God bless you!!!

  2. Many people look on Christ merely as a teacher come from God to reveal his will and to teach us how to worship him, and so indeed he was. But they say this is the only reason why he came. THIS IS THE TEACHING OF ISLAM.

    They do not see that he is the great and only representative of the glory of the divine nature. This glory of Christ they despise and reject, because in their IGNORANCE they do not believe that he is truly God as well as being truly man……..

    Some talk much of imitating Christ and following his example. But no man will ever become ‘like him’ by trying to imitate his behaviour and life if they know nothing of the transforming power of beholding his glory.
    John Owen 1616-1683

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