OT History – Part 14

This week we’ll be focusing on 2 Samuel 13-24 and continuing our look at the reign of David. We’ll give special attention to Absalom and also David’s census in Chapter 24.

Below are the class notes for tomorrow night and also the prep questions:

2 Samuel 13-24

  1. Why doesn’t David take action against Amnon?
  2. What is a result of that (i.e. how does David’s inaction play out in Absalom’s life)?
  3. Take special note of the chaos: lust, rape, murder, deceit, conspiracy, the obnoxious protestor, indecent exposure, brutal death, murder (again), lynching.
  4. Take special note of any insight into the heart of David that you see.
  5. Read 24:1 and then read 1 Chronicles 21:1. What’s up with the census?

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