OT History – Part 13

This week we’ll be focusing on 2 Samuel 1-12 and looking at the reign of David. We’ll give special attention to the Davidic Promise in 2 Samuel 7 and also on David’s sin with Bathsheba in Chapter 11.

Here are the class notes for tomorrow night.

Below are the questions I posed last week in preparation for our discussion tomorrow night:

  1. Read 2 Samuel 1-12
    1. Take some notes, journal, make an outline – do something extra.
    2. What stands out to you? What troubles you?
  2. As you read about David, take note of ways that he is contrasted with Saul. Jot them down.
  3. In chapter 2, who does Abner (the commander of Saul’s army) name as king?
  4. Pay attention to Joab. He appears over and over throughout 2 Samuel.
  5. Pay special attention to 2 Samuel 7 – the Davidic/Dynastic Promise.
    1. What words or phrases are repeated often? What is the significance?
    2. Why is this passage so important?
  6. Pay special attention to 2 Samuel 11-12 – David and Bathsheba.
    1. Most of us have read or heard this story told or expounded upon several times. What, specifically, stands out to you this time through?
    2. Does it convict you? Encourage you?
    3. What character traits do you see in David (good or bad)?
  7. How does David respond when Nathan calls him out?

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