OT History – Part 12

Our focus tomorrow night in the Old Testament Historical Books class will be 1 Samuel 16-31. This is an exciting section of Scripture where we are introduced to David and begin to see him rise as Saul falls.

The notes for tonight’s class can be found here:

Next week, we’ll be starting 2 Samuel. In preparation for that, here is a synthetic outline for the book of 2 Samuel:

Below are the prep questions for tomorrow night’s class:

  • Compare and contrast David and Saul.
    • How are we introduced to each (refer back to prior chapters regarding Saul)?
    • What descriptions are given of each?
  • You’ve heard or read the story of David and Goliath a million times. What stands out to you this time?
    • How has God spoken to you through this account this time?
    • Do you find it challenging, comforting, frightening? Why?
  • Pay special attention to the relationship between David and Jonathan.
    • Keep in mind that Jonathan would be the natural heir to the throne (being Saul’s son).
    • What can we learn about friendship from this relationship?
    • Do you have a David/Jonathan relationship in your life?
  • Saul basically commits suicide at the end of 1 Samuel.
    • How does this act reflect his heart and character?
    • What do we make of Saul?

Find more about OT History by selecting “OT History” from the drop-down “Categories” menu on the right side-bar.


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