Reason for God – Part 9

Keller’s book, The Reason for God, is split into two parts (The Leap of Doubt and The Reasons for Faith).  The following excerpts are from the “Intermission” that appears in between the two parts (pp 115-123). 

  • It is one thing to argue that there are no sufficient reasons for disbelieving Christianity.  It is another to argue that there are sufficient reasons for believing it.  That is what I will try to do in the last part of this volume.
  • What is Christianity?
    • For our purposes, I’ll define Christianity as the body of believers who assent to these great ecumenical creeds.  They believe that the triune God created the world, that humanity has fallen into sin and evil, that God has returned to rescue us in Jesus Christ, that in his death and resurrection Jesus accomplished our salvation for us so we can be received by grace, that he established the church, his people, as the vehicle through which he continues his mission of rescue, reconciliation, and salvation, and that at the end of time Jesus will return to renew the heavens and the earth, removing all evil, injustice, sin, and death from the world.
  • How could you empirically prove that no one should believe something without emperical proof?  You can’t, and that reveals it to be, ultimately, a belief.
    • Depending on our experiences with religion, on our other beliefs and commitments, and on how we are living our lives — we all are deeply interested in seeing the case for God go one way or the other.
    • No view of God can be proven, but that does not mean that we cannot sift and weigh the grounds for various religious beliefs and find that some or even one is the most reasonable.
  • If the God of the Bible really does exist, “critical rationality” would be exactly the way we ought to approach the question of his being and existence.
  • Imagine trying to look directly at the sun in order to learn about it.  You can’t do it.  It will burn out your retinas, ruining your capacity to take it in.  A far better way to learn about the existence, power, and quality of the sun is to look at the world it shows you, recognize how it sustains everything you see and enables you to see it.
  • Which account of the world has the most “explanatory power” to make sense of what we see in the world and in ourselves?   We have a sense that we are very flawed and yet very great.  We have a longing for love and beauty that nothing in this world can fulfill.  We have a deep need to know meaning and purpose.  Which worldview best accounts for these things?

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  1. Isn’t it a great book? I can’t understand some of the negative Amazon reviews. My husband’s enjoying it now.

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