Dr. Doriani on Biblical Principles About Career Choice

I’m in the middle of working my way through a class at Covenant Theological Seminary right now on The Life and Teachings of Jesus taught by Dr. Doriani.

In one of the most recent lectures I listened to, Dr. Doriani offered some insights on Biblical principles about career choice which I thought would be appropriate to include here:

  1. You should choose a career that takes care of your basic needs. 1 Timothy 6 defines basic needs as food and covering (that is, clothing and shelter). 
  2. Your career should be one that allows you to use your gifts, even if it’s not the most remunerative.
  3. Your career should allow you to do good for others. It should be an honest career. You don’t want to be a thief, casino manager, printer of pornography, or various other things along those lines. You should be doing something constructive that actually helps people.
  4. Your career should give you an opportunity to manifest some part of God’s kingdom, God’s reign. Somehow what you do should enable you to reflect His justice, His truth, His kindness, His love. Somehow you should have some opportunity in your career to move this world at least a little bit closer to the form that God wants it to have. “Your kingdom come” is a prayer that is relevant for your career choice. In other words, “May Your kingdom come in what I do.”
  5. If you get rich by accident, it’s okay, but don’t choose your career in order to get rich. “Watch out; be on guard against greed and coveteousness.”

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the above-especially on #s 3 and 4 and how you see your own career/job fitting in here.

Thanks to Covenant Worldwide, you can read a transcript of this lecture here or listen to it here.


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